Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Last 3 Dates

Man, this is what I love about touring: spreading the good word of "You-Don't-Have-To-Make-Your-Whole-Living-In-Music-To-Be-A-Musician". That, and the fact that though "classical" music may be on the wane, live music is alive and flourishing. You just have to find your audience. That's been my mantra over the past few years, and even moreso this year. I have to say thanks to the folks in TN, MI and DE. First off TN: The concert went great, and I really enjoyed playing out there. But then, watching American Idol back at the dorm commons with everyone took the cake. I was glad to see those twins gone though -- attitude too much for me...

Michigan was great too - got to see (and stay with) my good friend Bill Ryan (look for the new bass clarinet piece coming from Bill!). Played a fun show there (great sound system), did a STACK of classes and masterclasses, got snowed in, finally made it back to Chicago, etc., etc.

Delaware was a first for me -- I sold out of CDs. (That's never happened before.) Jenny Barker, a terrific composer, brought me out, and I had a chance to work with a couple of her students. I was blown away. Seriously.

On all of these I played two new tunes that went over well (read: I enjoyed playing them -- who knows if they were well liked, I just liked playing them). Drift and Hum.

Back to doing my taxes ... :) More soon.


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