Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tours, mouthpieces and more.

Just came back from Wisconsin and Illinois, where I had a great time, played a bit and enjoyed some good WI micro-brews. A big thanks to Jeff Herriott (who's piece I'll soon be posting for sale -- I played it every place I performed on this trip and it was a real hit, though in a mellow sort of way). Also thanks to Yehuda Yannay in Milwaukee and Grey Barrett and Greg Beyer in Dekalb, IL.

So, the word of the week is MOUTHPIECES. Dave McClune sent me four of them and I will be trying them out this weekend. If they're as good as I think they'll be, I'll offer them up to whomever is willing to part with David's asking price ($220 -- steep, yes, but worth it!). They're fashioned after my Matson C* Mouthpiece, which for whomever has tried it, is the most free-blowing and natural feeling mouthpiece around. I can't part with that one, but these are remarkable clones. More on this as I try them.

Oh, and visiting Wisconsin was a reminder that in some states (unlike New York), the election is more or less up for grabs. (I saw more campaign ads in Wisconsin those three days than I've seen in New York this whole campaign season). So, I must repeat: Step 1: go to to read up on my man Kerry; Step 2: Put on your thining cap; Step 3: VOTE.

Sorry to be a broken record, but if you're 18 and you DON'T vote this election (or any other for that matter, but let's start with this one)... well, you won't be on my chanukah card list this year.